Daily Archives: February 11, 2016

Heartwarming story about Missouri player

Saw this story in an NFCA mailer today and I just had to share it. It’s about Missouri’s Raime Cohen, a pinch runner on the softball team and her journey to get there.

The quick version is she was living in an orphanage in Bulgaria when her American parents adopted her. She had a dream of playing college softball, and after heading to Mizzou took a chance by contacting the coach to ask for a tryout.

What I really like about the story, though, is the perspective she brings. Raime is clearly grateful for all the opportunities in her life, and her good fortune in being adopted by the Cohens. She realizes how different her life would have been without that event, and keeps that in mind every day.

Growing up here in America we sometimes forget how much privilege and how many opportunities we have. Athletes may complain about having to go to practice, or going to a tournament instead of going to a party their friends are throwing. Raime’s story is a great reminder of just how good we all have it.

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