Daily Archives: April 23, 2012

A little long-distance correction

One thing you can say about being a fastpitch softball coach is life is never dull.

Take today. There I was with my wife at the grocery store when the call came in. One of my pitching students was mid-tournament, and suddenly she was having control trouble. Her pitches were going high and wide, and she needed a quick correction before her next game.

I know my students pretty well, at least the long-term ones, so I thought for a minute and made a couple of suggestions as to what the cause could be. I was fairly certain she was pulling her front shoulder out early instead of leaving it in place and driving around it. So I gave her some advice and she said thanks.

Later that day she did pitch in the next game. She did what I said and control problems were solved. That’s the report I received, anyway.

It’s not ideal. But it is nice to know I can make the long-distance correction when needed!

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