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Perfect storm of stupid

The title of today’s blog post was an inspiration. In fact, I like it so much I’m thinking of trademarking it. 

What I’d like to do is get descriptions from readers of this blog of situations in your fastpitch softball world that fit that description. Now, to be a perfect storm of stupid whatever happened can’t just be one bad idea. I’m not looking for “my daughter should be playing varsity” or “the coach is dumb because she lets so-and-so pitch instead of me” or “the coach has an all-conference player on the bench while he plays two girls who babysit for his kids.” While all of those may be stupid, they’re not a perfect storm of stupid.

To qualify as a perfect storm of stupid there have to be several factors that converge at once in a momentary explosion of stupidity far above the norm. It’s several bad ideas at once, all rolled up into one. I’ll provide an example.

A high school team is playing on a cold day, clinging to a late lead. Coach decides to pull her #2 pitcher to put in #1 to hold the lead and bring home the win. Ok so far. But she doesn’t give the new pitcher time to warm up (again remember it’s about 50 degrees outside and falling), sticks her in the game, then calls nothing but fastballs despite the fact that the opposing team is a good hitting team, and her #1 pitcher (like any smart pitcher) relies more on movement and speed changes than trying to overpower hitters. It’s a perfect storm of stupid that winds up with her team losing.

So how about you? What’s your perfect storm of stupid story?

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