Daily Archives: July 31, 2011

Thus endeth another season

The season is now over for the team I coached this year. That’s just hard to believe. We worked so hard for so long — going all the way back to September, 2010 — and now it’s over.

One of the things that’s fairly unique about the program I coach in is that coaches generally don’t stay with their teams. They remain at a particular level, and players get passed along from coach to coach.

That’s good in some ways — it gives the players exposure to different coaches and different coaching styles, helping them become more well-rounded. At the same time, though, it’s also kind of sad. Players you’ve spent a year or two getting to know move on, and you’re left to start all over again.

It seems like just yesterday we were getting going on our first tournament. Now we’re done. It’s particularly sad because we spent so much time on team building, and our girls got along so well.

I will miss them all. But that’s life, I suppose. All I can hope is that they enjoyed themselves during the season, will take away great memories, and that they learned a little something about playing softball along the way.

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