Daily Archives: July 17, 2011

A first for me

Those who know me (or follow me via the Internet) know I’ve been coaching fastpitch softball for a long time — more than 15 years. (Although some days it feel like 1500 years.) Today, though, I had a first.

I had a parent come up to me with a suggestion as to where he thought his daughter was best-suited to play. That’s not unusual, of course. It was the suggestion itself.

His daughter is my starting shortstop, but he thought she’d make a great center fielder. This is the first time I’ve ever had a parent suggest taking his/her daughter out of the infield and putting her in the outfield. I’ve had plenty of suggestions going the other way, as I’m sure all you coaches have. But from infield to outfield? Never.

Now, understand she would make a great center fielder. She’s also make a great right or left fielder, second baseman, third baseman, catcher, etc. She’s a very athletic girl with a great attitude who will do anything she can to help the team win. She self-analyzes in the batter’s box to keep from making the same mistake twice. And she always grabs team equipment when it’s time to move without ever having to be asked.

So dad is right, in a way. But she’s happiest at shortstop and plays it well.

So what about you? Have you ever had a parent suggest moving his/her daughter from the infield to the outfield? Or is this an unusual request?

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