Daily Archives: April 6, 2011

Nothing like a game to bring it home

Had a lesson with one of my first-year students last night (12U player). She is new to pitching, and has worked very hard to go from nowhere to looking pretty good. But lots of girls look good in the practice cage.

She told me over the weekend she had her first in-game experience since we started working together. When I asked her how she did she said pretty good. But then she said she kept bending down and essentially aiming the ball. Naturally the result was it made things worse, not better.

While it’s unfortunate that she did that, what I thought was great is that she realized it. When she started to pitch, you could see she was making an effort to correct that issue – without any guidance from me. There was a renewed focus on being in the right position at the right time.

I always say that control is a result, not a goal. Pitching in her game over the weekend this student found out exactly how true that is. I have a feeling that “lesson” will serve her as well as the lessons we do together.

Incidentally, when I asked her mom how she did she wasn’t quite as positive. Nothing horrible, but more of a “meh.” Of course, parents always want their kids to be perfect. But her mom realizes this was just another step in the journey — an important step, but still only one. I predict good things for this young lady because she was so self-aware.

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