Daily Archives: May 27, 2008

Watching the game from another perspective

For many of us adults, our exposure to youth sports is watching games that our kids play in. We become very invested in those games, and often get ourselves very worked up over the smallest perceived slight or missed call. If our kids are batting, we can’t believe the wide-open strike zone. If our kids are pitching, we are upset by the umpire squeezing her. Often this happens in the same game!

At these times, tempers can flare, nasty comments can be made, and things can get unpleasant. Voices are often raised in anger. It’s really quite something. In fact, it’s amazing that there aren’t more fistfights.

If you find yourself getting into that mode from time to time, I have a suggestion for you. Sometime when you have a couple of hours on your hands, go out and watch a game that you have no vested interest in. Watch two teams where you don’t know a soul on either team. Listen to the comments that are made. Hear others getting angry over the perceived inequities in the game going on.

It’s quite a perspective.  You’ll be amazed at how oddly people behave. It may also give you a bit of pause the next time you find your blood pressure rising.  

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