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New forum for fastpitch discussion

Well, it’s about time someone took up the mantle. There used to be a great forum on the Internet called the Fastpitch Forum. It was a place where fastpitch softball fanatics would gather to argue, debate, dissect and generally discuss every aspect of the game. I know I wasted spent many an hour poking around there and adding my two cents when I should’ve been working.

Sadly, that site came down a few years ago. But now there’s a new one. It’s called Discuss Fastpitch, and as the name implies it’s another place to go discuss whatever is on your mind. The site is already being haunted by some of the old names from the Fastpitch Forum, plus some new faces as well.

If you’re not familiar with it, the difference between a forum and a blog like this is anyone who is registered with the forum can post a topic. So if you have something on your mind that Life in the Fastpitch Lane doesn’t cover, there’s a place to post it up. Same with if you want to register an opinion or bounce an idea off a wide variety of folks.

I’m already on it, and contributing thoughts here and there. You’ll probably want to check it out too. After all, you can never get too much of this stuff. I will actually be working with Marc regarding some of the content and overall management to make sure it remains on track.

Unlike certain other forums around the Internet, Discuss Fastpitch is not a place to post up looking for players, or to sell your old radar gun, or carry on personal vendettas. There will be zero tolerance for cyber bullies and those who contribute nothing but like to knock the contributions of others. It’s about the honest (and positive) exchange of ideas and information between individuals who want to improve their knowledge, and share what they already know.

Be sure to check it out and register. Just don’t forget to come back here too!

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