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Shameless self-promotion

As I make my way through the blogging world, one of the challenges is getting people to this Life in the Fastpitch Lane site. In doing a little playing around I made a discovery today. If you do a Google search, it will look for the name of the blog on Web sites and in posts, but it won’t recognize it on its own.

So since the goal is to get more people here and engaged in conversations about softball, it looks like I need to say Life in the Fastpitch Lane a little more often. After all, most of the world begins its search on Google, so you have to be visible there.

I am sorry about the shameless self-promotion. But I believe including the phrase Life in the Fastpitch Lane, and putting up the occassional shameless self-promotional post, contributes to the greater good. So live with it!


Coach’s Club at Sports Authority

Got this note yesterday from Mike Hanscom, the 10U coach from the Mundelein Thunder and an all-around good guy. He made this discovery over the weekend and was kind enough to pass it along to the rest of the Thunder coaches, so I thought I’d pass it along as well. Mike is a regular reader of Life in the Fastpitch Lane so if you want to pass along your thanks to him you can always leave a comment. Here is Mike’s e-mail:

FYI – I just returned from Sports Authority where I found out you can join their Coach’s Club.  They gave me a form to fill out (which I took home to do) and a packet of coupons.  There are 20 sheets of general coupons to give one out to each girl.  These coupons are 10% off of gloves, cleats, bats, bags and accessories and 20% off of apparel.  There are 2 other general coupons for $10 off of a purchase above $25 for the coaches.  Then there are coupons to be given out as Team Player Awards that are good for $5 off any purchase.  All coupons are good through 2007.

Just thought you all might be interested as the coupons are free and pretty good deals.  I believe the form will grant us email offers for deals (but I got the coupons without having to commit so you don’t have to sign-up them if you don’t want to).


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