Daily Archives: December 10, 2006

Being creative

There’s often a lot of talk about there being more than one way to perform various skills. But what many coaches miss is that there’s also more than one way to teach the same skills.

This is something I learned when I started teaching private lessons, and I keep re-learning it every day. For example, last night I was working with a pitcher who is starting to learn how to throw a change-up. I explained the technique, used some examples that had helped other pitchers in the past, and she still didn’t get it. So I had to find a new way to explain it yet again.

Everybody learns differently. Some need to see an example. Others need to hear an explanation. Some need to feel it.

Coaching is often like the old stereotype of trying to speak to someone who doesn’t understand your language. Shouting louder doesn’t help. You have to find another way to communicate. It’s what keeps it fresh and challenging. And fun.


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