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What’s up with trophies these days?

Ok, I know size isn’t everything, but it sure seems like there has been a major shift in trophies these days. Back in the day even minor tournaments handed out large, gaudy monstrosities that you had to lay down on their sides to transport home. These days not so much.

I noticed this again yesterday when I was watching the PGF 16U championship on TV. I knew one of the girls playing for the Beverly Bandits (although I fully admit I had nothing to do with the way she plays or what she has accomplished – she just lives in my town), so I decided to give it a look.

As you no doubt know, the Bandits won the tournament. After a brief on-field celebration they received their trophy, the representation of everything they’d worked for all season long.

I was expecting something about three feet tall with lots of bling on it. Instead, they held up a small piece of Lucite that looked like it could have been awarded for the Tire Salesman of the Year.

It’s no big deal to me since I’m in no danger of ever winning that tournament. Or even attending it most likely. Still, it was a surprise.

I guess it makes sense, though. Those big hunks of plastic and fake wood look great at the field, but they’re kind of a pain to store. My wife recently asked if she could toss out some of my old trophies from coaching, and I couldn’t bear to part with them. But it was tough to find a place to store or display them too. (Not that there are that many, but we have a lot of stuff in our house.)

I do have to admit I like the plaques better than the trophies. Not so much on the day of the game, but afterwards they’re much easier to display. Hang them up on the wall and they’re out of the way.

So what have you found? Are they still handing out big trophies where you are? Or has everyone downsized? And do you think it’a a practical matter, or are the tournament directors just being cheap?

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