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Jugs complete practice travel screen a great addition

I’ve been a big fan of products from Jugs Sports for several years. I own a Jugs pitching machine, a radar gun, a quick-snap protective screen and two of their original pop-up screens. I’ve used the screens for drills in practice, and for soft-toss before games. Jugs Complete Practice Travel Screen

Most of the time they work well. But as you know if you’ve ever tried using them in breezy conditions there is a bit of a challenge in keeping them upright.

That’s why I was excited to get a chance to check out the new Jugs Complete Practice Travel Screen. It’s a large (7′), durable, square screen with a base that keeps it upright both in the wind and hit after hit.

The Jugs Complete Practice Travel Screen is easy to put together once you’ve done it once. (I may lose my guy card for this, but I did have to look at the directions once to figure out how to attach the screen to the frame.)

The pieces of the base are bungied together, and only two require working with the quick-snap locking device. The sides and top of the frame are also bungied together, and slip together easily. The net is also easy to put in place, and stretches tight against the frame. One person can put it together in about five minutes; it’s even easier with two.

Despite its light weight it seems to be very durable. My team, the IOMT Castaways, has been using it all season at practice and games and it still looks brand-new. We not only use it for soft toss, but also as a temporary backstop for front toss to our hitters. The netting is thick and strong, and the vinyl appears to be very strong as well.

Taking it apart is even easier. Because all the pieces except two just slip together you can pull them apart and put them back into the carrying bag quickly.

The 7′ height is nice because it cuts down on those errant balls hit when your hitters drop their back shoulders and take a big upper cut swing.

The Jugs Complete Practice Travel Screen retails for $149. It’s well worth the money. If you’re looking for a screen that sets up easily and can handle a heavy load, give this one a look.

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