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Muchera – a different type of sliding pants

The other day in my email I found an interesting note from someone who has invented a new type of sliding pants. These pants, under the brand name Muchera, combine traditional sliding pants with knee and shin protection.

That’s an interesting concept. Back when I started coaching in the 1990s, sliding pads were a big thing in fastpitch softball. Of course, the players wore shorts then, so if you didn’t have some sort of knee/shin protection you’d end up with some pretty nasty-looking scrapes and bruises. They also wore slider shorts – some padded, some not.

This new idea combines the two of them. Given that almost all female fastpitch teams these days are wearing regular baseball pants it makes sense. You can throw these on underneath and no one will be the wiser. No more hassling with trying to remember if you packed your slider after the last game or not. (Incidentally, for you slow pitch players they have them in men’s sizes as well.) 

They’re not quite ready for purchase yet – the inventor is working on getting the first 300 pairs made. But be sure to check it out, because any aggressive baserunner is likely to want a pair of these pants!

NOTE: This post was edited because of a change in the plans for bringing the pants to market.  

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