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Not fastpitch softball, but evidence that things are improving for women in sports

This morning I was reading the newspaper (yes, an actual paper newspaper) when I came across a very interesting article. Now, I will admit I am not really a NASCAR or auto racing fan, but something caught my eye about this story.  And not just the picture that went with it.

The story was about how several well-known drives and champions on the NASCAR circuit were bringing their young daughters to meet driver Danica Patrick in the pits. Patrick, of course, is know both as being the first woman to drive Indy cars and for the commercials she does for GoDaddy.

All I could think of was how times have changed for women in sports since Title IX came into being. Back then, mostly male-run academic institutions has to be forced by law into offering athletic and other opportunities to women. Many men either thought that women were too delicate to play competitive sports or that they were taking away money that ought to go to men.

Now fast forward to today, and not only is Danica Patrick allowed to race, but the good ol’ boys of NASCAR are bringing their daughters to her as a role model. How cool is that?

There may be hope for us as a society yet.

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