Daily Archives: November 25, 2012

Training v practice

Saw this post the other day on The Talent Code blog and thought it was something fastpitch softball players (and their parents) would find worthwhile. It’s on the negative connotation of the word “practice.”

According to the post when players hear the word “practice” they think of boring repetition – something to be avoided if at all possible. Yet we all know those boring repetitions are necessary to learning our sport.

What author Dan Coyle suggested is replacing the term “practice” with “training.” Here’s the thinking.

Practice sounds like something you do for its own sake. You practice to learn, but you don’t necessarily have a specific goal.

But training is something you do in preparation for a something. Prize fighters train. Olympians train. Everything they do is aimed at a specific endpoint.

I happen to like the term “training” (this is a new concept for me), but what do you think? Is there a real difference? Does training sound better than practicing? Or does it not matter what you call it as long as it gets done?

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