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When You’re A Coach, Timing Is Everything

This past summer, since I didn’t have a fastpitch softball team of my own to coach, I got to spend more time going out to various tournaments and watching my students play. I find it’s very valuable to see them perform under game pressure — especially to see if they’re maintaining the mechanics we’ve worked so hard to achieve.
Fastpitch pitcher Sydney
Of course, when you do that you’re always taking a chance. When things go right it’s great. When they don’t it can be, well, a bit uncomfortable.

Fortunately, the day I went out to see a 10U pitching and hitting student named Sydney play was a good one. It was about 100 degrees, but you’d never guess by the big smile on her face. The game I watched she was voted the MVP by the opposing team. No surprise there since (as I recall) she struck out five or six hitters in three innings of work, She also had a couple of solid hits and a walk.

Mostly, though, I am sharing this story because I just love this picture!

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