Daily Archives: July 16, 2012

Something to keep in mind as the season winds down

Hard to believe the summer softball season is nearly over. Seems like it was getting started just yesterday.

As the number of games grows shorter, I have a suggestion for coaches. I know how tempting it is to narrow the number of players you’re using in a game, especially if you’re desperately trying to win something big before it’s all over. But remember why your players signed up in the first place.

Be sure to continue using your bench, and finding every opportunity to get all your players in the game. You are building memories for them — and what you choose to do now will determine whether they are happy or unhappy ones.

Long after the results of games have been forgotten and trophies are tucked in a box in a crawlspace somewhere, your players will still remember their teammates, their coaches, and time spent hanging out together between games. They’ll also remember whether they were on the field or always watching from the sidelines.

Do them a favor. Make sure those memories are good ones. Find a way to make it happen for them all.

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