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VizualEdge launches new website, online sessions

A few weeks ago I jumped the gun a bit in promoting the new website for VizualEdge  vision training. I’ve now been notified that the new site and product offering is live. For real, this time!

If you’re not familiar with it, VizualEdge is computer-based training to help athletes see better — see the ball, see the field, see plays develop, etc. Their positioning line is “weight training for the eyes.” If you perform the exercises regularly (they say three times a week for six weeks is the norm to see results) you will find you have improved your ability to track the ball coming toward you and going away, pick it up quicker, and generally see better.

I think it’s pretty obvious how that will help. Tracking a ball coming toward you, for example, comes in handy in fielding, and especially in hitting. Picking things up quicker is definitely helpful in fielding, whether it’s a hard shot in the infield or a fly ball in the outfield.

As I’ve mentioned before, the season we introduced it we found that the two hitters who were most diligent in using VizualEdge were also the two that led our team in every offensive category. Neither was viewed as your classic “standout athlete” where you would say they would’ve done that well with or without it. The training definitely made a difference for them, and for the team.

The website includes some flash animation that gives you a better idea of how the software works. You get a little sampling of what you’ll see, along with explanation of how each part works. There’s lots of detail to help you make a decision.

The most significant change, though, is the training is now web-based. When we originally used it, it was CD-based, tied to a particular computer. That meant for a team to use it they either had to come to your house, or you had to put the software on a laptop and carry it with you. If your laptop crapped out, as they all do eventually (and mine once did) you had to contact VizualEdge to get any remaining sessions transferred.

Now, it’s all on the web. You can login from any computer, so if you want to use your giant 24″ LCD monitor instead of the screen on your 14.5 inch laptop you can. As long as you have enough of the 3D glasses your entire team can do it at their leisure, making it a lot more likely that more players will use it. As a coach, you can login to check the progress of each of your players; as a parent, you can check if the sessions are being used and improvement is being realized. And there’s no worrying about losing sessions due to a computer giving up the ghost. It’s all online now so the sessions are always available as long as you have an Internet connection.

It’s not cheap, but think about it this way. The cost for 50 sessions that can be used between one or two athletes is $225. That’s about half the cost of a top-quality bat. Yet if you do the VizualEdge training, you’re far more likely to get your money’s worth out of that expensive bat.

I definitely find it to be a worthwhile investment. They are also a good company to work with — their customer support is outstanding. To learn more, check out http://vizualedge.com.

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