Daily Archives: November 13, 2009

What Betty Crocker can teach you about hitting

There are all kinds of ways to explain things to hitters. Some people like to get really technical. I prefer to use analogies when I can.

Tonight was a case in point. I was trying to explain the timing of the load to a hitter. She was getting a late start, and consequently wasn’t getting to the ball on time. She was also rushing her swing a bit.

I wanted her to take her time through the load, and then be quick with the swing. So I explained it this way.

I asked if she had ever baked cookies. She said sometimes, when the mood strikes. I told her to think of the load being like making the dough. It doesn’t matter how quickly you make the dough. You can take your time doing that. But once you put them in the oven, there is a definite point you have to finish or they will burn.

Making the dough is the load. You can take your time. Once you get to the point where the front heel drops and the swing begins, though, there is a finite amount of time to complete the swing. That’s baking the cookies.

It may not be the standard canon for hitting. But it worked. She got the idea of the timing. And I got to think about Christmas cookies. It’s all good.

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