Daily Archives: April 2, 2009

Your favorite game and/or practice ball

This topic came up the other night. A student came in to a pitching lesson with her own softball. It was one her mom had gotten. She complained that it had very high seams. When I felt it I agreed. The irony was it was a Dudley, which I always remember having very low seams.

In any case, I had her use one of the ones I carry — a Worth Dream Seam. I like the Worth balls for pitching lessons because they seem to hold their “tacK’ longer than other balls. I always feel like the Wilson balls, which are the other readily available ones in my area, get a little slick after not a lot of use. Probably find for a game, but rough for practicing pitching.

Which leads me to my questions: What’s your favorite ball for practicing? Is it the same as your favorite for a game? Do you even have a preference? And if so, why?

Please share. I’m sure there are others looking to make a decision on ball purchases who’d love to hear your reviews.

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