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NFCC class – day three

Back at home now after completing the class. We finished up this morning with some interesting discussions, some of which strayed from strategy and got more into becoming a better coach. For example, there was discussion about the roles of a first and third base coach, giving signs, picking opponents’ signs, and becoming a credible coach.

Lots of discussion with these sessions, along with a couple of interactive activities. We finished up with a little Q&A session with the instructors, where they listed some of their favorite books (coaching and general leadership) among others. Everyone was a little tired after three days, but it was still very valuable.

One suggestion I will make if you’re thinking about attending a future class (and I definitely recommend it) is to stay in the recommended hotel. Not only did I have a great room at a relative bargain price, but got to eat breakfast with Jay Miller and Scott Centala on Saturday and Sunday. We had some nice off-line discussions about all sorts of things, not just softball. I think we all found that the coaches are very down-to-earth people.

One other funny thing. One of the students talked about challenges he faces with his players, and said the instructors probably don’t have to deal with things like that, but the rest of us do. Carol Bruggeman was the first to pipe up “Don’t kid yourself. We face all the same challenges you do,” including players not being mentally into the game, discipline issues, and unhappy parents. The others agreed.

Tomorrow it’s back to work, in my real job. But it was definitely fun to talk offensive strategies with so many great people.

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