Daily Archives: March 14, 2007

The biggest thrill an instructor can have

Well, at least this instructor. Every time I teach someone a new pitch and they get it to work consistently I have to admit I get a little charge out of it.

The latest example was last night. I’ve been working with a girl named Shannon for a couple of (or maybe a few) weeks now on developing a curve ball. She’s throwing a good drop and an excellent change, both with very good mechanics, so it seemed like a pitch that would break off the plate when she’s ahead would be just the ticket.

We went through the usual learning steps — starting with the spin (using the frisbee, then a ball), drilling it from close range, then getting back into a full pitch. She’s been working a lot on getting it to spin correctly, which is a combination of wrist movement and overall body control.

Last night we started up on it again, and at first we were getting either bullet spins or more of a 12 to 6 spin like a fastball or drop. Then all of a sudden it clicked for her. She started getting side spin, then faster side spin, and before you knew it she had a pitch that looked like it was going to be an outside fastball until right before the plate then bam! Off it goes, about a ball and a half off the corner. It was a thing of beauty.

I’m not sure who was the most excited — Shannon, her dad Randy, or me! But it was pretty cool. I love it when a plan comes together — and the student actually works on what we do in between lessons!

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