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Prior has the gall to ask for a raise!

Ok, this isn’t really about fastpitch. But it’s my blog and I’ll do what I want. (Apologies to The Animals.)

I heard the other day that Cubs pitcher Mark Prior is asking for a raise, from somewhere around $3.4 million to $3.65 million. He must be smoking crack have an over-inflated opinion of himself.

In what other job can you barely show up for work, fail six times more than you succeed, have your most visible measured performance indicator (in his case ERA) be miserable (7+) and expect your employer to pay you more money? Most of us would have been fired long ago from our jobs if we performed that way. And most of us are not paid several million dollars for it. I know I’m not.

If you have a son, don’t waste your time making him study math, or history, or any of that other stuff. Do whatever it takes to teach him to become a MLB pitcher. One good season is all it takes to be set for life.


Bunting — hands split or together?

Looking for general feedback here, and perhaps to get some good dialog going on a cold day in Chicago. In another post I mentioned a debate going on regarding teaching player to bunt with their hands together and up the bat, or the hands separated with one at the knob and the other up the bat.

Which do you teach? And why? I’ve seen both used in fastpitch games, and each side has it supporters. Just curious as to what other people think.

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